the artist and fur ball behind the small, independent business based out of Tampa, Florida


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Everything at LivinVixen is done by the two of us. (Ok, well I'm not sure how much Pumpkin actually does, but she is cute and makes me smile which helps me through long projects so I'd say the work is split about 50/50 between us.)

Every item is created with love and care then packaged with that same love and care. We want you to be as happy with your purchase as we are when we buy online, especially from a small business. When your order arrives we want you to be as excited as Pumpkin is every day when she hears me open her bag of treats or I add a new box to her ever-growing collection of Amazon boxes that she plays in 

Olivia - 

I like to spend too many hours cutting cardboard, mixing resin, and hot gluing things while Pumpkin reminds me it's time for our evening walk starting at 3pm and trying to sit on my projects until I give her attention. Only the cardboard or my keyboard though, I don't think a cat covered in resin would end too well for anyone involved.

I've been creating different kinds of art since before I can remember, I've always just loved creating different things. I love learning new techniques and figuring out how to apply it to the things I want to make or seeing something and saying "I have no idea how but I'm going to make that myself" That last part is how most of my projects are born, I'm great at biting off more than I can chew. But I do eventually figure it out! Haha

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Pumpkin - 

Pumpkin enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing lizards, napping for 16 hours a day and meowing nonstop to go on a walk.

This spoiled little snuggle bug gets two 30 minute walks on her leash every day, yes, a leash, just like a dog.
In between naps, walks, and eating she supervises everything I do to make sure you're getting beautiful, high quality pieces when you order from us.
Supporting LivinVixen not only means supporting a small independent business, it means supporting Pumpkin so her supply of catnip and tuna never runs dry. 
And that's what's most important (to Pumpkin anyway).