Neon GLOW Green/Pink/Yellow Serpent Wall Plaque - One of a kind!

Serpents are represented as potent guardians of temples and other sacred spaces. They are believed to carry Earth’s secrets as well as her generative powers within them, what secrets will this snake unlock for you?

The neon greens and pinks throughout the scales of this snake are highlighted with hints of neon yellow, making this snake pop with color under regular lights. Turn on a UV or black light to really see how the scales of this snake pop as all the colors glow bright under the purple hue of the light!

☪One of a kind!

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☪  14 x 8 inches

☪   The curves of the snake make this easy to hang in any position you'd like!

☪   Glows under UV light or black light (Colors are brighter under a UV light!)


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