Lunar Serpent, Trinket Tray - Teal

Many cultures paint the snake out to be a sign of evil, however, a snake can also be a symbol of the nurturing earth. Their ability to shed their skins and emerge reborn is a powerful ability, much like yours as you learn and grow, shedding your old self to shine as the stronger, wiser, more powerful version of yourself. 

Harness the energy of the lunar phases to help you connect more deeply with the earth around you and become more attuned with the world and your new self.

The stunning design of the snake and lunar phases contrasts beautifully against the white background with red and gold iridescent colors dancing underneath the snake. 

Keep herbs, crystals, and even candles sitting beautifully on this one of a kind tray. Add a mystical touch to your bathroom and use this for your favorite perfumes and scents. However you choose to use this tray, you'll love this new addition to your home.

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☪ Length: 8 inches 

☪ Width: 5 inches

☪ Height: .5 inches


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