Hear No Evil, Tall Skull Candle

Hear no evil...
See no evil...
Speak no evil...

These candles are such a nice addition for any candle collector or anyone wanting to use them to banish away negativity. 
These can be used to cleanse and purify, let them help you make room for new and positive energies in your life.

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☪ 2.5 inches wide
☪ 5.5 inches in height
☪ Beeswax & paraffin blend
☪ Unscented


  • These items are made to order so please allow time for processing, typically 3-5 days.
  • Once your item is ready to ship you'll be provided a tracking number.
  • Please note that these are unique, handmade items and may differ slightly from the images.
  • Always take caution when burning candles. Place candle on a flat, level surface and always allow to completely cool before moving.

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