Witchy Coven Cat

Cats and witches go hand in hand, dating back centuries. These magical and graceful creatures always seeming to have one foot in the spirit realm, their piercing eyes gazing just beyond the veil.

The perfect companion and newest member of your coven, these stunning little kitties will have you mesmerized with their shining gaze and pentagrams on their foreheads. Always ready to cast spells and partake in rituals with its witchy hat and cape, these Coven Cats will forever be by your side.

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☪ 5 inches in height
☪ 2 inches around the body, approximately 4 inches around the hat


  • These items are made to order so please allow time for processing, typically 5-8 days.
  • Once your item is ready to ship you'll be provided a tracking number.
  • Please note that these are unique, handmade items and may differ slightly from the images

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