Mezcal Tequila and Party Worm Liquor Bottle

With a party ready, sombrero wearing worm (not recommended to eat the worm in this bottle! Inspired by Monte Alban Mezcal, these piñatas are all scaled up from the measurements of a real bottle for extra authenticity.

• 3 feet tall, 9 inches wide at the base.

• Holds up to 15 lbs!

• A 2x3 inch door located on the back for you to fill your piñata, when closed the door is unnoticeable! (This will be marked when your piñata arrives for you to easily find and open.)

• The top is reinforced and has a wire for hanging to make sure your piñata will hold up while you bash into it!

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The bottles are sprayed with a beautiful, sparkly gold paint to give them that beautiful gold color of real Mezcal! The way they catch the light will make them a wonderful centerpiece and party decoration until you're ready to bash it to pieces!


  • Custom labels, bottles, and other designs can be made, please message me to discuss this!
  • Piñatas can take 3-7 days to complete, please keep that in mind when ordering.
  • Piñatas are shipped empty so you can fill them with items of your choosing.
  • Ships through FedEx Ground (2-8 days once marked shipped), please message me if you would like a faster or different shipping option.

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