Irresistible Intentions Scented Candles

The deep colors of these candles match the scents beautifully. The tops of each candle are sprinkled with a shimmer that only becomes more enchanting as you burn them and release their captivating aromas.

Each scent has a corresponding color to compliment the allure of the scent and is handpoured into iridescent glass. The glass brings out the beauty of each color more and more as the wax heats and the colors deepen and shimmer even more

Choose from 3 different magical scents, discover more about each scent here.

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☪ 2.75 inches wide
☪ 3.75 inches in height
☪ 13 oz
☪ Beeswax & Paraffin blend


  • These items are made to order so please allow time for processing, typically 3-5 days.
  • Once your item is ready to ship you'll be provided a tracking number.
  • Please note that these are unique, handmade items and may differ slightly from the images.

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